Meltdown (2015)

Zone Of Alienation

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered using exclusively analog equipment and magnetic tape. The conversion to DSD was done with high quality equipment directly from the analog mastertapes. No signal processing was done in the digital domain. The DSD version is a direct transfer of the master tape, with every effort taken to ensure that it sounds as close as technically possible to the original analog recording.


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Meltdown (2015)

Zone Of Alienation

Mastering Engineer:

Mastering Format: 1/4" Analog Tape, 15 ips, half-track stereo, CCIR eq
Mastering Tape Machine: Custom Telefunken M15A with Studer butterfly heads
Digital Transfer: Direct transfer to DSD from the analog master tapes with no further processing or editing
Transfer Sampling Frequencies: 5.6 MHz
Digital Converter: Burr-Brown
Mastering Engineer: J.I. Agnew 
Mastering Room: Magnetic Fidelity
Monitoring System: Magnetovolt Extended Range Modular Monitoring System based on KEF Reference Series Drivers


Recording Engineer:

Original Recording Format: High Speed Cassette Tape, CrO2 Type II
Original Recording Tape Machine: Tascam 414 mkII
Recording Engineer: J. I. Agnew, Stratos Pissy


Recording location: Toilet of Alienation, Greece Producer: Zone of Alienation
Recording Type & Bit Rate: Analog to DSD128

This album was recorded to Analog tape. It was then transferred to the DSD bit rate indicated above.

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FWRL15ZOA001: Meltdown
00:39:09   Select quality & channels above
Behind The Trees In My Dreams
00:12:15   Select quality & channels above
Burning Bins
00:02:56   Select quality & channels above
00:03:44   Select quality & channels above
The Sludge
00:03:55   Select quality & channels above
Toilet Of Alienation
00:07:11   Select quality & channels above
00:02:39   Select quality & channels above
With saliva with saliva with saliva
00:06:29   Select quality & channels above

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